Purchase Terms

IBERMINERAL offers in his shop on-line, a 24 hours a day open store, every day of the year and where you can buy minerals from the comfort of your computer. Here we detail the general conditions governing the purchase of our products through Ibermineral.es. In this sense, the use of this website provides acceptance of these terms.

Buy in store IBERMINERAL online is easy!

After entering our store will visualize several search and selection process to find our products. You can choose them from a catalog, province, etc.. To see a more detailed mineral click on the picture or the name of it and see a magnified view. After choosing the product if you want to buy, you can contact us via the contact page or by email to:


If you have any questions regarding products or services on our website, please contact us through our email:


Ibermineral , the online store is currently sales made available for delivery to European destination countries.

The mineral prices are in EURO and include applicable taxes according to Spanish law, and shipping. In relation to value added tax, as a rule apply the tax rate of 21% for the European Union territory where the tax applies. Prices listed may be reviewed and modified at any time by IBERMINERAL.

Ibermineral online store offers convenience and flexibility, so send your order for free. Neither charge transportation costs when it comes to an exchange or refund. All confirmed orders in our online store are sent within a period of approximately 1-2 working weeks for one of our couriers. As soon as your order leaves our warehouse you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the order output. In order to optimize the delivery, you must indicate a direction in which the order can be delivered within the normal working hours.

The dealer shall deliver the order during business hours. If delivery can't be made after two unsuccessful attempts, then our dealer will notify the impossibility of delivery by the absence of the recipient, leaving a note to go to the nearest office for removal. The online shop delivers to IBERMINERAL no PO boxes. Please detail all the necessary data for delivery to your shipping address. Having full information allows us to deliver your order in time.

The online store Ibermineral not is held responsible for the breach of the contract in case of stockouts or product unavailability, force majeure, interruption of activity or total or partial strike, especially services postal and transportation or communications, flood or fire. If for reasons beyond the order cannot be delivered will refund the full purchase price.

The online store Ibermineral accepts as payment the COD and bank transfer.

Purchases made and the data in them are transmitted for safety. Online Store Ibermineral never has access to confidential information concerning the means of payment. Not being stored, bank details of each user will be requested for each new order.

Misprint excepted, all minerals purchased from our online store meet detailed specifications for their chips. Packed for shipment, according to its hardness, resistance, etc.. The customer has one week later to report any discomfort in the shipping, to proceed with the return and / or correction.